Project Face To Face’s 2014 Toy Giveaway!!!

9 09 2014

We are getting ready for our annual Toy Giveaway this year and we are looking for volunteers to help sort and pass out toys. The event will be at our church in Menlo Park, CA in December, prior to Christmas. We also need a Santa – if you have an outfit already – awesome, if not we can find one for you. Please respond to Corrine or Bez or to this post. Thank you all in advance for your continued support! The Board of Project Face To Face!Project Face To Face


For Immediate Release – Casting Actresses, Models & Singers!

15 08 2014

Neva No Ent., Panisi Publishing Company, Inc. and Trulyph Productions is now casting actresses, models and singers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please send a picture and a brief bio. to Bez Da Boss or for consideration. Thank you!

Models Singers Actress

Art By Bella…

1 12 2008

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Panisi Publishing Company Inc. Biography

1 10 2008

Panisi Publishing Company Inc. was created to allow individuals, Artists and Entrepreneurs to be able to publish their own works in their own names stamped with our approval.

As writers ourselves, we acknowledge the importance of documentation and how everything needs to be written down.

With professional services ranging from editing to publishing and everything in between, Panisi Publishing Company Inc. will be a company you will be proud of!

We take personal interest in each project we approach and nurture it as if it were our own!

We welcome you to Panisi Publishing Company Inc.!

With great honor,

Corrine Panisi

Chief Executive Officer

Panisi Publishing Company Inc.


All of our company’s consulting services are of no charge.  Feel free to send us any literature or inquires.

VP Consulting Artist Seminar

31 08 2017

10_VP Panelist

Common Ground

9 11 2016

13012891_10153458606855308_1741754494368281156_nQuestion: What do Nipsey Hussle, Hillary Clinton, YG and Donald Trump all share?

Answer: Common Ground
For Immediate Release
November 8th, 2016
Westside, California, USA
Written by: Public Relations Specialist, Corrine Panisi
Republicans are represented by a red elephant and Bloods by the color red. Democrats are represented by a blue donkey and Crips by the color blue.
When Nipsey Hussle and YG collaborated politically to bring awareness to the 2016 election by releasing their song: “FUCK Donald Trump,” the union created a campaign. In turn, the opposing gang members founded the phrase: “Red and Blue makes Green.” The comparison to the presidential candidates would be that, Republicans and Democrats make Americans. Although one side governs laws and the other follows street codes, they all stand on common ground!
You BANG, whether you are a gang banger or politician. It’s your LIFE and It’s always BIDNESS, which leads us to: “BANGLIFEBIDNESS” – A documented film that historically records the music atmosphere blended with gang members in Los Angeles, California. Featured in the compilation are the West Coast Monarchs of Hip Hop itself.
Gang members feud to prove their value and importance in their communities. The disputes were never about the colors, the members are simply identified by them. Politicians debate to gain votes and popularity to win elections.
We are all in constant battles with one another, fighting for the same spot on the same ground!
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Media Contact Information: Corrine Panisi

Professional Production Facility

4 07 2016

July 3rd, 2016

For Immediate Release:
Neva No Entertainment and BallStreet TV team up to bring our community a Production Location for All your Entertainment needs!

Right here in The Bay Area, where the most successful Artists started their careers! Equipped with a professional recording studio, inhouse occupies, the Legendary Producer: “Slap!” Video Recording and Producing, with live streaming and Green Screens with access to the industry’s best Photgraphers, Directors and Public Relations Specialists! Distribution World Wide is just one of the services offered.

“Uncle Rob” and “Bez” have established a team of reliable, experienced professionals who are fluent in many languages!

Book your video, podcast, studio time or photo shoot or simply use the state of the art facility to schedule a meeting in the modern boardroom!

Where is this astonishing place? Contact us below to find out!

Corrine Panisi
C.E.O., Panisi Publishing Company, Inc.
Public Relations Specialist, Neva No Entertainment

Clothes Exchange

11 08 2014

Clothes Exchange.

Bez Da Boss!

8 07 2014

Bez Da Boss’s EPK